GamePrep Baseball Academy is dedicated to providing baseball players with the proper evaluation, education, development, exposure, and competition necessary to excel in baseball and life off the field.


Our organization is built to provide true player development and a memorable experience that will last beyond the years on the field.

We give players and families hands on guidance and execution towards the path of success, with a knowledgeable and unparalleled staff. We offer the highest quality experience and opportunities for players of all levels because we know what it takes and have been through it ourselves.

Experience shows any goal a player wants to achieve takes time commitment, dedication, and a clear direction. Often players and parents want the short cuts to success, but those who have been to the elite levels know short cuts do not exist. Therefore, we pride ourselves on developing our players as a whole, through accountability and responsibility, mental and physical development, team experience and value, competition and exposure, and honest assessment and evaluation. Our foundational focuses provide every aspect of what it takes to be successful. Preparation is the work... success is the reward!